Perseverance Analogy Scott Lumley

Perseverance: An Analogy

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We’re in the midst of hurricane season when people’s homes and lives can be turned upside down overnight. But you don’t need a natural disaster to feel like you’re drowning in life’s unexpected misfortunes.

Sometimes you’re going along with business as usual and then BAM! Life throws a challenge your way that seems impossible to overcome. Like your own personal hurricane.

When nothing is going right and you’re feeling hopeless, just remember that you can manipulate the “water.” Instead of seeing your struggles as a disaster that will destroy everything, change your perspective.

Water can cause mass damage, but it can also be used to shape our world’s natural beauty. For example, the Colorado River was an instrumental part in forming the Grand Canyon. The process began more than 20 million years ago. The water (along with other factors) created what we know today as one of the most beautiful sites in our country.

When you see “water” rushing toward you, don’t assume that it’s a hurricane. If you look closely, you might see that it’s the Colorado River coming to set the wheels in motion for something great to happen in your life.

If I would’ve given up every time life tried to push me down, my life would be drastically different than it is today. You have to take a step back, look at your situation in a new light, and just keep going.

You’re Not Alone

Whether a hurricane, a river or even a thunderstorm, they all have one thing in common. It isn’t one single water droplet that is responsible. When you’re facing a million difficulties, remember that you don’t have to face them alone.

Find your trusted support system and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re going through a rough time. If you’re a lone wolf who doesn’t need a support system, find coping mechanisms that work for you.  

Life will never go as you planned. There will be “hurricanes” thrown in your face and rainy days that seem to go on forever. If you must have a pity party for yourself, keep it short. Lift yourself up and find the good in each day. When it comes down to it, you’re the only one who can can make the decision to pull yourself up and keep going. No one else can do that for you.

Trust that every setback is putting you in a better position to move forward and live your best life. Persevere through the toughest of times by changing your perspective and finding the silver lining on every rain cloud.