Mindset Matters_ A blog by Scott Lumley

Mindset Matters: A Blog by Scott Lumley

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In life, there will always be people who don’t want you to succeed. They will try to push you down and belittle your successes. Oftentimes, your biggest critic can be yourself. If you can’t fight for yourself, who can?

When you have people and tough situations putting you down, you can’t have a pity party for yourself. Grab life by the horns and fight for what you want. Your mindset is everything when it comes to success in business or in life.

Focusing Your Energy

We all have a certain amount of time and energy throughout the day. When you have a negative mindset, you’re chipping away at that time and that energy — making you less productive. You owe it to yourself to be better than that. If you run into a rough situation, take five minutes to be upset about it, then get right back on your horse and work toward finding solutions and being your best self.

Think BIG

When you were growing up, you probably had people trying to shove you into a box — a certain career path or life journey that’s typical for most of the population. Think bigger than that. Don’t let your preconceived perceptions of what you’re “supposed” to be doing stop you from seeing the bigger picture. Life has more in store for you than you may have in mind right now. Do you have a master plan? Good. That is the first step. Is your plan big enough for what you want to achieve? I hope so. Because with the right mindset, you can achieve even the goals that seem impossible. Think BIG and don’t settle for less.

The Limit Does Not Exist

I’m not quoting “Mean Girls” here. I’m telling you that you are capable of more. When I was a kid, I never imagined I would have the story I do today. I looked adversity in the face and overcame obstacles to push the boundaries of what I was capable of. Even today, I don’t put myself in a box. I’m constantly striving to be better than I was yesterday, and to achieve more than I can fathom in my wildest dreams. With the right mindset, you can always find a way to be a better version of yourself.

How you want to live is your choice. If you’re not happy, don’t keep doing the same thing day after day. Figure out what you want from life and fight for it. I guarantee your biggest regrets in life will come from what you didn’t do, not what you did do.

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