Why Scott Lumley?

I suppose you could say I’m not an ordinary ‘critical solution finder.’ Wholesale Central wrote “Scott Lumley is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit.”

With life’s setbacks and more lawsuits than I can count, from bankruptcies and legal disputes that kept me in bankruptcy court for most of eight years, to somehow managing to learn more about the rules of law and debt negation than your best local attorneys. I found myself here.

From experience, I believe it was like going to a real entrepreneur school. Some would view this as a negative thing… and they’d be right, but boy do you learn how to work within the rules given to you when you have no choice but to survive. My fortes became how to overcome adversities that almost everyone folds to and how to navigate through problems without creating new ones.

Does this sound familiar????? 

We know when there are problems when the sharks come out, and everyone wants in on a multi-million-dollar deal whether it be good or bad one.

Yes that’s right… I had one bad invoice, just one, out of millions and the FBI said “you committed a crime.” Well it’s easy to kick someone when they are down right? Now I know that sounds familiar if you’re a half ass successful entrepreneur.

“One action doesn’t define a person, what they do afterwards sure does.” SL

So what did I do? I became a badass consultant taking the education I gained from having the living shit kicked out of me, and turned that into a consultancy company. You say for what?

ANYTHING………… I don’t specialize! We can do IT ALL with the badass team I have built as well.

I have been behind the scenes of so many companies that were at the point of failure and revived them. I worked as their shadow bringing them from near bankruptcy or showing them how to expand in every area.

I was the first person to ever build Pro Stores and edepot.com which is now what most considered Amazon. My three companies at the time were ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd rankings the largest performing eBay store for 7 years straight.

I built the largest following EVER on eBay and was booted off because of large volume. They said “we want to focus on people selling stuff from their garage.” So I bought ebayhostage.com and was sued for copyright infringement.

Yes I lost but not before spinning off 14 open box locations with Circuit City.
I also built the popcorn auction software Circuit City used for their open box sales and pissed off a lot of people with buying almost 40 truck loads a week from them back in the beginning of the gaming days. Damn that was fun!

I worked hard to get to where I was and through massive amounts of business cycles and technology changes and economy crashes of 2008.

I overcame these not just because I wanted the luxuries that come with financial success, not just because I wanted the houses and cars, but most importantly it gave me the ability to help others.

Now let’s be honest you don’t give a damn if I’m a genius businessman and neither do I.


Start ups

  • Web Development & Social Media Branding’
  • Insurance
  • Internet & Web Services
  • Lodging & Travel
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • News & Media
  • Real Estate – Residential & Retail Development
  • Restaurants & Nightlife
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Startups
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

You want your problem solved and not just problems but the most challenging problems fixed. I’m your guy who fixes problems.

You may not like me and I may not like you but the problems will be fixed.

I’m brash, bold, and a straight shooter.

I won’t hold back what I’m thinking, and that’s what you’ll love and hate about me.

I won’t pull punches.

I’m not diplomatic but one thing you can count on is I will solve your problem. I get the job done and I will not accept payment until I do.

If I cannot solve your business problem, I will not accept any payment even for the time I have invested to help you.

I’m a results driven, action taking man who will thinks outside of the box to fix your business problem.

Oh and don’t worry you have to put the money in escrow but we have to agree mutually to release it.

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