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The Transformer App is here!

It’s here! For those of you who love our radio podcasts and can’t get enough of that smart, insightful, insider advice, here you go. The Transformer app is now available. There are two ways to download the app, it is available for both Apple iOS devices and Android.

You can follow the link directly to the iTunes store:

Or get the link downloads at homepage.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the listener experience, and this app helps tremendously in accessibility. If you need to catch up on any past episodes and want an easy way to tune into the next live broadcast, make sure you download The Transformer app ASAP!

Here are a few highlights from the broadcasts that you may have missed: 

Moving forward after big mistakes…

“You can google my name and see what happened to me last year, I think people assume that I’m in prison. Had to admit my failures, admit my mistakes, want to move forward in a positive way. I want to teach people how not to do that. Your surroundings get you in trouble, I might have been the guy in the seat, but I still got in trouble.” Scott talks about his failures in life and business with Ted Murrel

What America is missing: Love. What is love? 

“I had to decide that love was not an emotion: It’s a commitment. Although I might have a different belief than someone, when I commit to love someone, I don’t treat it as an emotion. If you just have good integrity, you have to commit to love them through the conflicts – I’m not going to hate these people hating on me, I’m going to love them anyway. I just try to be more compassionate person, rather than an angry and reactive person. Trust me, you’re going to hear my story. The number one thing that I had to come to grips to myself – Love – that’s what America is missing. An unconditional love.” Scott defines what love really is talking to Ted Murrel

Hear the story of Kelly J Mason, local Mt. Juliet clothing store entrepreneur

“If you want that business to grow, you have to show up and work that business. Every day. One day, on a Sunday I showed up to look at a building and there you were, painting your new business out. Does entpreneurship ever stop? NO!” Scott talking to Kelly J Mason about opening her boutique

Business is personal. When Scott talks to these leaders, we get to talk about business, sure, but we also get to talk about life. Stay tuned for more Transformer radio shows, and transform your life!