Why it is important to adopt a fighter’s mindset in business.

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I often get asked many questions from people about my personal triumphs.  Many have been through physical, mental and sexual abuse. What I have noticed is that there is a positive mindset to those trying to take a life lesson from the darkest of their times. They are trying to turn that negative energy into a positive mindset. Even to the point of taking those lessons into succeeding in business.

From my experiences, one of the greatest things I have developed is to have a fighting spirit. I have had to fight back my entire life and learn to turn adversity into business success.

In my personal life, I have had to learn to persevere and push through many many times. Which takes me back to when I was nine years old. I experienced a terrible incident with my alcoholic abusive step father at the time. It was so traumatic that it has stayed as a memory to this day.

I remember being at a hotel room with my brothers, mother and step father. My step father was very abusive. I remember hearing the voices of my mother and step father arguing in the bathroom. I could hear my mother getting beaten. I was not going to sit there and let that happen. So it was inevitable that I would find myself in a fight with my step father.

I physically started fighting a forty year old man. We ended up on the street fighting and by the end of it the police came. I was only nine years of age, and no matter what I had to have the courage to face my step father. I did not see any other option. It was a life or death situation.

I remember always needing to not only defend myself physically but having to be mentally tough. I did not have a choice. I had no alternative but had to fight back. That is what has developed my fighting spirit. The same goes for the business deals I do each day. If the Real Estate deals I have are hard, and if I am struggling to get a deal done, I adopt an attitude where there is always a solution. I never back down or give up.  That fighting spirit fuels me in all that I do.

Just recently I had a contract where we were running late on our financing and we were kicked out of the deal. I did not give up and made sure I did whatever I could to remain in the deal. We got the deal back. This only happened because I did not give up. When I get into these deals, I am relentless. Just as I had no choice but to stand up to a drunk step father to fight back. I started adopting that same relentlessness in my business pursuits and it has paid off.

Now I fight for people losing their homes through my real estate business. I love that fight. It has become part of who I am. When everyone else is running away from the problems I stand up and fight.

When you are faced with life’s challenges and you feel like its a never ending rollercoaster. You have to push through and adopt a fighter’s spirit. There is always a solution to every problem if you just stay in the fight. You can not give up on the fight. No matter how hard the road looks ahead, even if giving up seems like the inevitable outcome, you have to push through. You just do not know what is waiting on the other side of all the adversity.

Imagine there is no finish line. There is no option to lose. If you lose… you drown. You have to look at it from that mindset. That is the way you need to treat your business and if you go about it that way and with that attitude every single day.. you will receive the rewards for your relentlessness.

Remember .. Never Give Up.