From Underdog to Alpha Dog.
The Story Of A Man Who Rose From The Ashes.

Scott Lumley, founder and CEO of Resolve Financial, LLC., Resolve Commercial, LLC., Resolve Suite, LLC., and several entities, has lived the real life story of perseverance and how you can always prevail when you never give up. Scott is an incredibly valued, world class serial entrepreneur, integral businessman, grounded member of the community, public speaker, author, and loving father above all.

From a young age, with a tough childhood, Scott adopted a fighting spirit. Born in Dyersburg, Tennessee in 1968, at the age of ten, Scott became a childhood runaway. Growing up in a rundown trailer park with his mentally abusive mother and physically abusive alcoholic step father was no blessing. With years if abuse he had no choice but to save his own life. He climbed into the luggage compartment of a Greyhound bus and never looked back. Moving to Oklahoma, homeless he was placed in the care of a preacher who was a supposed man of God. The abusive continued in all forms which most would have seen as a living hell. Tied with a dog chain he was abused for 4 and a half years until he chewed his way through the chain link and escaped. You can read more about Scott Lumley’s story here : Don’t Look Me Up Book by Scott Lumley

After escaping he endeavoured to find the only person he could, his stepfather and through association was introduced to riding horseback. There he began ponying racehorses on his stepfather’s ranch in Oklahoma. Upon moving back to Tennessee he was introduced to the fast-growing equine sport of Team Penning and became a competitive rodeo rider.

The rodeo platform became his saving grace and career. Scott achieved exponential success as a Team Penning world champion winning over 400 professional titles. He won Greatest Horseman twice and World Champion fourteen times. This taught him how to get back up when you come crashing down, and with a fight. This is a foundation to much of his success across his multiple entities.

Scott is a straight shooter. This is no surprise because he is a true cowboy at heart. 
Despite life’s adversities he pulled no punches and went on to become a highly respectable and successful serial entrepreneur. Having run over a hundred companies he knows what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Scott has become a role model for entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors. He wrote  Entrepreneur’s Pocket Guide to help startup entrepreneurs.

"I have had countless hits in life and I have never allowed any of them to keep me down." SL

In 2008, Scott founded the Nashville Broncs, a basketball team due to his love and natural capabilities in sports. By continually pushing himself beyond his limits, Scott has been an active and exceptional sportsman most of his life playing on travelling baseball teams. He could have even been a pro-baseball player if he had the support earlier in his career.  Scott has recently won a championship title in the national masters league for his achievements in softball. 

In 2010, Scott founded Resolve Financials, LLC., which focuses on providing debt negotiations. During this time he landed a deal with a realestate company, introducing him into the industry. Over the past ten years Scott owned various businesses in construction and commercial companies. 

In 2012, Scott founded Resolve Commercial, LLC., a development division either taking land or distressed properties and redeveloping them into rental centres. His ability to attain and transform old industrial buildings, land and redeveloping them into desirable commercial bay sites is phenomenal. 

In 2016, Scott founded Resolve Suite, LLC., having developed a great understanding of the realestate industry through his various projects, he recognised an opportunity for advanced software development. This led to the launch of his unique product Resolve Suite, that finds distressed properties at an average of twelve cents in the dollar. It has become an innovative and sophisticated vehicle, simplified for the everyday user, in building their realestate portfolio whilst helping those in hardship. 

At Resolve Commercial, LLC., Scott oversees a very successful commercial realestate company located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Together with his committed team, his business remodels and purchases older commercial buildings and gives them a modern day feel. 

Through Resolve Suite, LLC., Scott has enabled clients the greatest benefit of growing their own portfolio, whilst changing people’s lives who are truly in a position of hardship. The system offers a low-cost to entry avenue, with little to no investment, to elevate even the novice investor with a mindset to invest, become a very successful company.

Scott maintains his success by investing in many different lines of business. 

His philosophy is that no successful business can last forever because the consumer marketplace is ever-changing; therefore, an entrepreneur must learn to adapt to those changes.