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A blend of real-life, common-sense advice mixed with smart, proven business strategies.

This isn’t your average entrepreneurial website. It’s a place where Scott Lumley, owner, and CEO of Resolve Commercial gets accountable for all his “rights” and all his “wrongs” over the past 30 years in business and life. Here you’ll get the whole-hog truth on how to do business, what to do when you’re stuck, broke, even “unbankable.”

This isn’t going to be your typical CEO advice forum with stories of how quickly you can make your first million – let’s start with how to get your business in the black, or what it takes to make a go of any business when you’re starting at the bottom.

With a whole lot of cowboy insights, this is business as not-so-usual with the Transformer. Take time to listen to radio shows, and read the blog. You just might learn something.

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The Scott Lumley Show is about bringing light to entrepreneurs. Showing the trouble, trials, and tribulations, along with the rewards of owning your own business.

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What People Are Saying About Scott

I want to make something very clear. Your character is of the up most high! To go through what you have been through and to still have the character you do, man I applaud you for that. Tough times come and go, but tough people don't and you have proven that! I am very glad I got the chance to work with you!
Richard Elliott
Sr. Account Executive
As I read some of the wonderful messages about Scott here on his site, I felt compelled to chime in. I have known Scott for a few years now and along the way, I have indirectly learned a lot from him. He is someone who leaves a mark with you because he is kind to all and very approachable. His intelligence does not make people feel intimidated because he does not judge others, instead if you do not know something, he graciously explains it to you and never makes you feel any less. I have enjoyed getting to know him and his business ventures. I know many people who identify as an entrepreneur, but none like this guy! He sees potential in real estate and investments that no one else can see sometimes. And his ideas and business ventures encompass a lot more than just real estate. This is a guy who knows a lot about a lot! Somewhat mind blowing at times. You would think he has been on this earth longer to be able to accomplish all that he has. Sure enough, over the past few years, I have watched some of his ideas come full circle and he was right all along! He has endured the ups and downs life has and does it with class and grace. I am thankful for our friendship and look forward to seeing what happens next!
Leslie S.
Hey Boss, I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are and I wanted to thank you again for everything you do for each and everyone apart of our team !!! We couldn't do what we do without you !!! Have an awesome weekend with the family, if ya need me I'm a phone call away.... 😊😊😊
Brady Richcreek
I remember Scott from late teen years, owning his landscaping business. There was not much for people our age to do so Scott and a few friends began a group called Lifeline. Lifeline was a social group for teens of all ages (some even in their early 20's) and the goal was to help others. Lifeline met weekly and tried to do good things for others like gathering food for a local food pantry, keeping the kids off the streets, a friend whenever one was needed. It was such a fantastic idea at the time and all a vision of Scott's. I was honored to be the Secretary of the group. It put me close to the Directors and Officers and I have such respect for them all. I became friends with Scott and the other Officers and am grateful for the experiences we all shared together. Scott was a great leader even back then at such a young age and I am sure as time has gone past, he has become even greater, taking each experience that has come his way and using all lessons that each opportunity has provided to improve the skills he developed all those years ago. Scott, God bless you and yours!
Tammy Bradley Love
Mr.Lumley, I meet you last week at a car show and my son was admiring your car. I could not believe it when you walked over and said get in and take a picture. You made a 8 year olds dream come true. Sincerly a Happy Dad Jeff
Jeff A
Scott, you are a beast, you manage to prevail at everything no matter what is thrown at you. Thank you for helping my son. It seems people in your position think they are to good. You always stop for the little guy. God bless and Good Luck!!!
Scott has been through just about everything a human can endure. It simply amazes me his ability to morph through life's problems. I'm proud of the man he has become. Great job my friend.
Kudos to my ingenious friend of over twenty years! Your tremendous successes and perserverence are a wonderful example to us all! Warmest wishes and blessings to you and your family!
Kerry W
I've had an amazing life filled with literally thousands of friends and millions of miles of travels and lots of different activities. One thing I've always wondered was why do I so often hear people tearing others apart behind their back?! It's something I noticed at a young age and quickly started to try and figure out. Most of the time the people that are talking bad about and tearing others down are not in the best place financially and that coincides often with low mental quality as well. Keep your eyes on the prize and leave alone those you don't desire to be like anyways. I have a friend named Scott Lumley and he has always treated me like gold and I hope he keeps me around until we're both old old men! Cheers buddy!
Amazing company, I have learned tremendous amounts from my father. Honestly the best business man and the best role model I've had. always helping others and leading everyone down the right path!
Cole Lumley
Great site! Keep up the good work, and thank you for your true friendship. May God continue to bless you in all that you do.
James Hambrick
(Mt Juliet Chief of Police)
A really wonderful website! You have a ton to be proud of, lots of hard work and focus. Thank you for every bit of help and leadership you've offered
Chris Scott
Great site. I'm looking forward to more great videos and greatly appreciate not only the professional advice I've received but also the personal advice you have given me as well.
Shawn Gooch
Looking good. Known you for years. You have had nothing but words of wisdom. Looking forward to see what's to come.
You are my hero. I've never known another person ever with as much perseverance and guts. You have always amazed me and I'm proud to call you my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and help at a time when I've never felt so alone. I'm not jackin you off, I'm telling you from my heart that life has been harder in the last 6 years than I ever thought it could be. And you've come through when I thought this was the end and I didn't know what I was going to do. You given me something back, hope, and a restoration of faith in friendship. My children won't be this little forever and I'll be able to pursue something with better income potential. Right now, they need me more than I need anything for myself. Thank you doesn't seem like it's enough. But it's all I have, but it's also from my heart. C
Cathy Burgess
Have known Scott for a long time, and a more creative business mind doesn't exist!
Kevin A.
? I had a great experience with Scott and his awesome team remodeling the oldest building in Mount Juliet that he owns. I would highly recommend his company , and he has surrounded himself with compassionate employees. Best of luck, Scott?
Kelly Mason
I've known this man almost 20 years! There's been many ups and downs. But through it all he's never quit. He's worked hard and has done everything possible to succeed in life. Some worked done didn't. But he's living proof that perseverance pays off. The experiences he can share with anyone who will listen and take his advice will surely benefit in many aspects of life. Besides my friendship he has my respect. His lovely wife and beautiful children are such an asset to his life. His oldest son Cole, I've known since he was still in a playpen traveling with his dad. Look at him now!!!!! All grown up and successful in his own right. Good luck Cole on your new adventure!
Cathy Burgess

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better. Jim Rohn

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Publicly humiliated. Broke. Alone. The odds for a comeback were not in his favor. Life wasn’t going to be easy, but he was used to that. From a very young age, Scott had to pull up his bootstraps and work. Through abuse, loss, and eventual triumphs, this is his American story.

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